Weekly Workout Week Three 2019/2020

Week 3 (Nov 10- Nov 16): Dryland

Tuesday: 2 – 4 pm. Meet at Kachemak Community Center parking lot for a long slow jog out East End Road pedestrian path. We will do a 10 minute warm up followed by 45-50 minutes jogging or walking. COACH: Jasmine (907) 299-6975. 

Wednesday: 12 -2 pm. Homer Spit. Roller skiing, roller blading, running. I have 7 pairs of roller skis to lend out. If you’d like to reserve a pair, text me and let me know if you have NNN or SNS bindings. We’ll do a warm up, some technique work and then some specific strength exercises.If you’re on wheels bring a helmet and skate poles. COACH: Alison (907) 299-6275

Friday: 12 – 2 pm. Location. Pier One parking area out on the spit (on the left just past the fishing hole) Workout: intervals: 10 minutes easy warm up, 3 x 1 mile intervals (5k pace for each mile or speed hike for walkers or whatever pace you want)  with 2-4 minute rests in between miles. End with 30 minutes easy warm down. Bring dry shirt, snacks, water w/ electrolytes for after. (Homer Saw sells Nuun electrolytes which is my fav). If you are not ready for intervals- come on out and do whatever you can! The more the merrier. COACH: Kathy (907) 435-7375 

Saturday: 10 am – 12 pm. Location: Hutler road up to Bald Mtn. Workout: long slow adventure jog or hike. Bring: Layers for weather, (Bear Spray, fog horn and/or marine flare for bears)  water, snacks, hiking shoes, trekking poles optional. Directions: Drive out East End Road, before McNeil School turn left on Hutler Road, drive to the END of Hutler until you see my little red Prius where road ends. Please MEET FOR CARPOOLING at 9:20 am Paul Banks school. (limited parking on Hutler) COACH: Kathy (907) 435-7375