Weekly Workout Week Two 2019/2020

Week 2 (Nov 3 – Nov 9): Dryland

Tuesday: 2 – 4 pm Meet at HHS track. We will do a 10 minute warm up jog followed by 10-15 minutes of ski specific strength exercises. Then we will do a ladder interval workout on the track (start with 200m sprint work up to 800meters then back down). End with 10 minute cool down and stretching. COACH: Jasmine (907) 299-6975. 

Wednesday: 12 -2 pm Karen Hornaday Park. Pole Bounding technique and hill intervals. Bring classic ski poles, water and a recovery snack. COACH: Alison (907) 299-6275

SKI SWAP & JN SIGN UP & JN EQUIPMENT RENTAL: Wednesday: Nov 6th 5:30 pm at Homer High School Commons. If you can volunteer for Junior Nordic ski rental & sign up, please contact Kathy (907) 435-7375 by Tuesday

Friday: 12 – 2 pm Location: Base of the Spit (the parking area on left -off Kachemak drive & Homer Spit rd – on this end of spit, just down the hill past Homer Saw & Cycle)  Workout: group stretching, nordic specific exercises for the first 10-15 minutes, then EASY (level 1- 2) jog or hike distance out and back 1 to 2 hours total- depending on your fitness level. Add in along the way 10 strides for 10 seconds each of accelerated pace.  COACH: Kathy (907) 435-7375. 

Saturday: 10 am – 12 pm Location: Reservoir  Workout: 15 minutes stretch and ski specific exercises, followed by long slow jog or hike up the 4-wheeler trails, bearing left towards old homestead trail, out & back. Park just past the Reservoir, carpool if you can. Bring snacks, water, layers,dry clothes for after. Wear shoes with good tread – might be slippery sections. It’s also recommended to bring bear spray or horn or flare and stay in groups. Trekking poles optional.  COACH: Kathy (907) 435-7375