Week 4 Homer Nordic Training Plan Nov 9-15 *Easy Intensity*

This week we will be a little harder than our first easy week. This is a good time to focus on technique a little more and let your body recuperate before moving on to the next few weeks which will increase in difficulty.

NOTE: Next week we we will be switching to a Team App for members only. So be sure to sign up !

Monday: Long Slow Distance – coach Kathy
When: Noon to 1:30pm
Where: Crossman Ridge. Meet at Reservoir at the bottom of the BIG hill. Directions: drive up West Hill, keep going on skyline drive, curves around and you will see a sign on left that says “NOT the reservoir” or something to that effect.. slow down and take the NEXT dirt road left to the reservoir (not marked), go down that and when you see the water keep driving just past it and parking is just after water before the big uphill.
What: Dynamic warm up. Long Slow Distance for 70 minutes with 5 x 30 second pick ups. Meet back at cars for Balance challenge and static stretch.
Bring: Cleats or studded shoes if you have them. ( Homer Saw sells studded running shoes- or ask Kathy she can show you how she studds her own) water, snack , Friendly dogs ok. Recommended: bear spray, flare or horn. (No firearms)
You may run, walk, or bike.

Tuesday: Pole Walking and Bounding – coach Alison, Kathy Helping
When: Noon to 1:30pm
Where: Streamhill Subdivision. Go to Compass RD off East End Road park on immediate left in parking area with mailboxes. We’ll be pole bounding /walking on the trail.
What: Dynamic Stretch. Pyramid Hill Intervals 1-3-4-3-1. Total on time 12 minutes at L3/4.
Add’l Gear: Shorter poles (when standing holding poles with tips on ground- arms are at about 90 degree angle not up near your neck or shoulders, down hill, classic, or adjustable walking poles work). we have some extras.
Special Topic: We’ll give an individual OFI per person (Opportunity for Improvement)

Wednesday: Strength-Upper Body and Core – Coach Alison
When: Noon-1pm
Where: HHS Track Strength and Core
What: 5 minute warm-up. 3 sets of 6 exercises x 1 minute. Keep track of reps. Try to get more reps each set.
Gear: Mat, gloves, bring an extra mat if you have it, for those that forget, Wear layers to peel off, you will get warm!
Special Topic: Modification options

Thursday: Speed Intervals and Agility-Run, Walk, or Roller Ski – Coach Alison
When: Noon-1:30pm
Where: Deep Water Dock Parking Lot on the Spit. (Drive out the Spit turn left just before the BIG HOOK onto Freight Dock Road, follow the road as it bears right, go out to the end where the bathrooms are and where cruise ships dock, park there.
What: Dynamic Stretch. Warm up 10 minutes. Agility and Speed Course for runners, walkers, and roller skiers. 12 minutes on time L4. Cool down. This will be FUN!
Bring: Skate Ski Poles, Boots and Helmets if on wheels. Text Alison (299-6275) if you’d like to borrow roller skis
Special Topic: We’ll give an individual OFI per person (Opportunity for Improvement)

Friday: Rest Day. Yoga video. This is a nice basic, well rounded stretching routine.

Saturday: Adventure! Hike Bear Creek Trails – Coach Kathy
When: 11am to 1pm
Where: Park behind the Art Shop in the parking area for Bear Creek Canyon Trails. DIRECTIONS: Drive out East End Road from town, take the FIRST Bear Creek Drive on left (NOT the 2nd) Go up past Bryant CT and take the NEXT left turn onto small ( easy to miss!) road BEAR CREEK CT, there should be a hand-made sign that says Bear Creek Canyon Rim Trails. GO SLOW (watch for dogs!) drive to the right and go behind the big Art Shop and park back there, if we fill it up we can drive back and park in the field area further back.
What: Hike/Run the trails around Bear Creek Canyon Rim Trails, and runners can even go up to Dorothy Drive & Skyline and back.
Bring: water, snacks, cleats or studded shoes, optional walking poles, bear spray, airhorn, flare, (NO Firearms please) bring dry clothes for afterwards as well as snacks and water/tea for afterwards.
Special topic: Team Building

Sunday: Strength and Core Tabata Video