Week 3 Homer Nordic Workout Schedule Nov 2- 8, Hard Intensity

Monday and Thursday workouts are switched due to high winds on the Spit. Videos

Monday: Speed and agility, Coach Alison
When: Noon to 1:15pm
Where: HHS Track
What: L3/4 laps interspersed with fun agility exercises. 15 minutes on time.
Bring: Warm layers and gloves, water and snacks and dry warm layer for afterwards.

Tuesday: Pole Bounding
Coach: Alison
When: Noon to 1:30pm
Where: Diamond Creek Bike Trailhead. Take dirt road on left across the Sterling Highway from Diamond Ridge Rd. Go towards the Inlet , Trailhead is very soon (100-200 yards) on the left.
What: Hill intervals with more technique transitions. Level 3, 15 minutes on time.
Bring: SHORT poles – either downhill or classic poles (when standing holding poles with tips on ground- arms are at about 90 degree angle not up near your neck or shoulders, old down hill or adjustable walking poles work) . Shoes with good tread (for icy sections) we have some extra poles to borrow.
Also bring dry warm clothes for after and water/electrolytes and snacks for after. Body recovers better if we feed ourselves shortly after a hard workout.

Wednesday: Core and Strength
Coach: Alison
When: Noon to 1pm
Where: Karen Hornaday Park ( if you arrive late- look for us out in one of the playing fields.
What: Tabata style workout. Its awesome – she even has music!
Bring: Yoga Mat, maybe a blanket, wear layers, water

Thursday: Long Slow Distance- Roller Ski or Blade or Run or Walk
Coach: Alison
When: Noon to 1:30pm
Where: Base of Spit Parking Lot
What: 75 minutes L 1 or 2 with SIX /30 second pick ups.
Special Topic: Roller Ski 101
Bring: Text Alison (299-6275) if you’d like to borrow roller skis. Bring skate poles, skate boots and helmet if on wheels ( knee/elbow pads are nice too!).

Friday: Core workout video with Jessie Diggins!

Saturday: Hike/Run adventure
Coach: Kathy
When: 11-2 pm
Where: Snomad Parking lot- for hike down & back on Watermelon Trail. The parking area is on the right BEFORE the rope tow on Olson Mtn Road. There may or may not be a snomad sign for it. (If you get to rope tow- turn around and watch for big parking area then on your left).
What: Adventure Hike or Run, EASY pace. About 3.5 miles (?) to Beaver Creek at the bottom and then warm sweaty hike back up. Folks can turn around whenever- or go further beyond Beaver creek & up Bald Mountain if you are running.
Bring: recommended Cleats or studded shoes, ( Ulmers, Gear shed, Nomar sells cleats that go over bottom of shoe or boot) maybe walking poles, small pack with layers to stay warm,hat, buff, gloves, bear spray, flare, airhorn, snacks, hat, buff, gloves, water, phone. In car bring dry warm clothes, snacks and water or tea for afterwards.

Sunday: Yoga- Hip and low back release video with Adrien