Week 2: October 26-November 1, 2020 Medium Intensity

Monday: Long Slow Distance
When: Noon to 1:30pm
Where: Homer Spit Parking lot
What: Dynamic warm up. Long Slow Distance for 70 minutes with 4 x 30 second pick ups. Balance challenge and static stretch.
You may run, roller ski, roller blade or bike. We have some roller skis to borrow. Text Alison (907-299-6275) with your binding type (SNS or NNN) if you’d like to reserve some roller skis. UPDATE if its really windy as forecasted- we will not be roller skiing.
Gear: IF ON ROLLER SKIS: Additional gear- helmet and skate ski poles and knee pads if you have em. For wind: wear layers and buff /hat.
Special Topic: Roller Ski 101

Tuesday: Pole Bounding
When: Noon to 1:30pm
Where: Diamond Creek Bike Trailhead (Take dirt road on left across the Sterling Highway from Diamond Ridge Rd. Go towards the Inlet , Trailhead is very soon (100-200 yards) on the left.
What: 10-15 minute warm up. Terrain based pole bounding on the bike trails. Total on-time pole bounding 12 minutes at Level 3 or 4.
Video: How to Pole bound/Pole walk
Gear: Either downhill or classic ‘Shorter poles’ (when standing holding poles with tips on ground- arms are at about 90 degree angle not up near your neck or shoulders, old down hill or adjustable walking poles work) . Shoes with good tread (for slippery mud sections)
Special Topic: Leading with the hip

Wednesday: Strength-Upper Body and Core -Alison
When: Noon-1pm
Where: Karen Hornaday Park
What: 5 minute warm-up. Tabata style workout. 5 minutes stretch.
Gear: Mat, gloves, maybe a blanket, layers, water bottle
Special Topic: Modification options

Thursday: Speed Intervals – Alison
When: Noon-1:15pm
Where: HHS Track
What: Running Mechanics exercises. Pyramid Intervals. 12 minutes on time Level 4. (reminder: modify to your fitness level- fast running or fast walking) Cool down.
Special Topic: More recruit the glute info.

Friday: Rest. Optional restorative yoga video.
“Slow your Roll” with Adrien

Saturday: Adventure! Rain or shine– Kathy
When: 11am to 1pm
Where: Homestead Trailhead, just off Diamond Ridge on Nearly Level Ave (SW side of Diamond Ridge across from Rucksack Drive)
What: 1 hour hike out and 1 hour back on Homestead trail to Crossman Ridge (you can always turn around sooner)
Gear: backpack with water, shoes with good tread, snacks, phone, bear spray, air horn, or flare (NO firearms please), walking poles if needed, layers for the weather, friendly dogs welcome (bring leash)
Special topic: Team Building

Sunday: Strength video
Abs and Upper Body