Homer Nordic Week 1 (10/19-10/25)

Week 1 is an easy week which will be followed by a medium and then a hard week. For every workout bring water, snack for after, layered clothes and a MASK.

Starting November 19, workouts will be password protected or accessed by an app . Click here to learn how to sign up

Homer Nordic Covid guidelines: We will follow State of Alaska’s health mandates relative to guidelines on group sizes and outdoor activities.
Wash your hands before you come and wash after
Wear a mask when around others-please keep it on for the warm up – stay 6′-10′ from other people
Throughout the workout stay at least 6-10 feet away from others – when we sweat & breathe hard there are extra particles floating about
Keep your interactions with others to a safe distance
Do not come to practice if you are feeling sick – even for mild symptoms get tested.
Bring hand sanitizer and we will try to have some on hand
Come at your own risk and use
Do not come to practice if you are feeling sick – even for mild symptoms get tested.
Bring hand sanitizer and we will try to have some on hand
Come at your own risk, be mindful that you may be putting others at risk, and use all precautions as instructed by the State of Alaska https://covid19.alaska.gov/health-mandates/
We will be putting more details up about the practices, including videos – so you can do the workouts on your own or with a friend whenever you want.
Again- we are figuring out what makes the most sense and what is the most safe as we go- so this may change. Please stay safe, help the vulnerable members of our community stay safe, and only do what you feel comfortable doing.

Video of Dynamic Warmup for folks that can’t make it to practice: Balance Stretch exercises before your run

Monday Noon to 1:30pm with Alison and Kathy
Where: Mariner Park
What: 15 minutes dynamic warm up and ski specific exercises. 1 hour run. 15 minutes
Balancing exercises and stretch.Bring: Running shoes.
Special Topic: Training levels 1-4 click here to hear all about it

Tuesday Noon to 1:30pm with Alison
Where: Karen Hornaday Park
Click here to see demonstration of Ski walking and Ski bounding
What: 15 minute dynamic warm up. 45 minute Hill pole walking/bounding. 5 minute instruction. (15 minutes “on time”.)
If doing this on your own: Pick terrain like Karen Hornaday Park, Streamhill or Reber Trail. Try for 1 minute ski bounding (level 3) and 3 minutes ski walking (level 1) for 45 minutes.
Cool down and static stretch. Click here for Balance warm down with tsunami sirens
Bring: Classic or adjustable ski poles and gloves !
Special Topic: Training periodization plan -click here to hear what it is.

Wednesday Noon to 1:00pm with Alison
Where: Bishop’s Beach
What: Strength training (video of exercises -sorry youtube muted it)
Bring: Gloves
Special Topic: Building muscles

Thursday Noon to 1:30pm with Alison
Where: HHS Track
What: Classic ski “morning mechanics”. Speed running intervals.
Bring: Running attire.
Special Topic: Hydration

Friday On your own.
Strength video. Instructor demos exercise for first 10 seconds. Watch for 10 seconds then do.

Saturday 11am to 1pm with Kathy
Where: Roger’s Loop Trailhead, Rain or shine. (Turn right onto Rogers Loop from Sterling HWY before Overlook, follow around until you see a Kiosk off and a little down from the road on the right. If you miss it you will come to the highway again- turn around and come back and its on your left. We’ll Hike up new Homestead trail across Diamond Ridge and down towards Bridge Creek and back. We’ll go about an hour out and then back. You can turn around sooner if you’d like. Friendly dogs welcome, bring leash.
What: Adventure distance hike/run.
Bring: small backpack,water, snacks, bear spray or airhorn, wool socks, shoes with good tread, hiking poles optional, (might be muddy in spots) and wear layers so you can peel off when you get warm. Bring a dry shirt and coat and snacks in your car for after.

Sunday -rest day
Restorative yoga video.