Weekly Workout Week Three 2019/2020

Week 3 (Nov 10- Nov 16): Dryland

Tuesday: 2 – 4 pm. Meet at Kachemak Community Center parking lot for a long slow jog out East End Road pedestrian path. We will do a 10 minute warm up followed by 45-50 minutes jogging or walking. COACH: Jasmine (907) 299-6975. 

Wednesday: 12 -2 pm. Homer Spit. Roller skiing, roller blading, running. I have 7 pairs of roller skis to lend out. If you’d like to reserve a pair, text me and let me know if you have NNN or SNS bindings. We’ll do a warm up, some technique work and then some specific strength exercises.If you’re on wheels bring a helmet and skate poles. COACH: Alison (907) 299-6275

Friday: 12 – 2 pm. Location. Pier One parking area out on the spit (on the left just past the fishing hole) Workout: intervals: 10 minutes easy warm up, 3 x 1 mile intervals (5k pace for each mile or speed hike for walkers or whatever pace you want)  with 2-4 minute rests in between miles. End with 30 minutes easy warm down. Bring dry shirt, snacks, water w/ electrolytes for after. (Homer Saw sells Nuun electrolytes which is my fav). If you are not ready for intervals- come on out and do whatever you can! The more the merrier. COACH: Kathy (907) 435-7375 

Saturday: 10 am – 12 pm. Location: Hutler road up to Bald Mtn. Workout: long slow adventure jog or hike. Bring: Layers for weather, (Bear Spray, fog horn and/or marine flare for bears)  water, snacks, hiking shoes, trekking poles optional. Directions: Drive out East End Road, before McNeil School turn left on Hutler Road, drive to the END of Hutler until you see my little red Prius where road ends. Please MEET FOR CARPOOLING at 9:20 am Paul Banks school. (limited parking on Hutler) COACH: Kathy (907) 435-7375 

Weekly Workout Week Two 2019/2020

Week 2 (Nov 3 – Nov 9): Dryland

Tuesday: 2 – 4 pm Meet at HHS track. We will do a 10 minute warm up jog followed by 10-15 minutes of ski specific strength exercises. Then we will do a ladder interval workout on the track (start with 200m sprint work up to 800meters then back down). End with 10 minute cool down and stretching. COACH: Jasmine (907) 299-6975. 

Wednesday: 12 -2 pm Karen Hornaday Park. Pole Bounding technique and hill intervals. Bring classic ski poles, water and a recovery snack. COACH: Alison (907) 299-6275

SKI SWAP & JN SIGN UP & JN EQUIPMENT RENTAL: Wednesday: Nov 6th 5:30 pm at Homer High School Commons. If you can volunteer for Junior Nordic ski rental & sign up, please contact Kathy (907) 435-7375 by Tuesday

Friday: 12 – 2 pm Location: Base of the Spit (the parking area on left -off Kachemak drive & Homer Spit rd – on this end of spit, just down the hill past Homer Saw & Cycle)  Workout: group stretching, nordic specific exercises for the first 10-15 minutes, then EASY (level 1- 2) jog or hike distance out and back 1 to 2 hours total- depending on your fitness level. Add in along the way 10 strides for 10 seconds each of accelerated pace.  COACH: Kathy (907) 435-7375. 

Saturday: 10 am – 12 pm Location: Reservoir  Workout: 15 minutes stretch and ski specific exercises, followed by long slow jog or hike up the 4-wheeler trails, bearing left towards old homestead trail, out & back. Park just past the Reservoir, carpool if you can. Bring snacks, water, layers,dry clothes for after. Wear shoes with good tread – might be slippery sections. It’s also recommended to bring bear spray or horn or flare and stay in groups. Trekking poles optional.  COACH: Kathy (907) 435-7375

Weekly Workout Week One 2019/2020

Weekly Workout – Week One 2019

Friday November 1
Noon – 1:30pm
Meet at Bishops Beach
Stretching and ski specific exercises followed by easy distance jogging or hiking on the beach.
Bring layers, a snack, and water.
Stacey & Kathy 9074357375

Saturday November 2
Meet at Diamond Creek lower parking area (car pool with a friend if possible to save on parking). After you turn onto dirt road it’s about a mile to the last parking area. (if gate is closed then we’ll park at the gate which is soon after turning onto the dirt road).
Stretching and ski specific exercises followed by easy distance hiking or jogging – we’ll explore the trails built by the Homer Bike Club -going all the way up from lower parking lot to the highway and back down to parking area (3+ miles) . Some people can repeat or explore other trails to get more distance. ( watch for cyclists on the trails)
Directions to Diamond creek: head towards Anchorage on Sterling Highway, when you see Diamond Ridge Road sign on right, slow down and put on left blinker and watch for unmarked dirt road almost directly across but little bit past Diamond ridge road, its hard to see so if you pass it, just find a place to safely turn around up ahead and come back to it.
Bring layers, a snack, and water.
Jasmine & Kathy 9074357375

Saturday November 2
KWN SOCIAL – Season kick off
WHERE: Grace Ridge Brewery
food available for purchase from the food truck & beverages from the bar (both beer & non alcoholic options)