Weekly Workout – Week Four

Monday November 5th

Noon – 1:30pm

Meet at Karen Hornaday Park

Stretching and ski specific exercises followed by

Long slow distance, jogging or hiking. We will explore some of the cool hidden trails in town in that area. Poles are optional.

Bring layers, a snack, and water.

Coach Kathy (907) 435-7375


Wednesday November 7th

Noon – `1:30pm

Meet at Karen Horanday Park

We will be pole bounding and doing playground dynamics.

Bring gloves and classic poles

Coach Allison (907) 299-6275


Wednesday November 7th

5:30- 7pm

SKI SWAP at Homer High School

Find, sell, trade your winter ski gear and equipment. The high school ski team will be waxing skis for donations so bring your skis. KWN will be helping with Junior Nordic rental equipment. Please contact Kathy or Annie if you are able to help.


Friday November 9th

Noon – 1:30pm

Homer high school track, speed workout.

We will warm up jogging the cross country trails for two laps. Then we will do 20×30 second speeds with 1:30 minute jogging recovery between each. Speeds may be a mix of running and ski bounding.  We will cool down with two laps of the cross country trails and stretch.

Coach Emily (907) 299-1269.


Saturday November 10th

10am – Noon


Meet at Karen Horanday Park. We will be running up reber, over Dimond Ridge, down through Homestead Trail (left on Rucksack) across Highland, and back to the park for a total of ten ½  miles. There will be a shorter loop option for walkers that totals approximately seven miles. Come out and do what you can (an out and back is also fun). Dogs on leashes and walkers/ strollers (shorter route) are encouraged. Bring a friend or significant other – this run will be open to Kachemak Bay Running Club as well.

Coach Annie (907) 756-1110



KNSC Annual Meeting November 17th at Elks Lodge – auction, fundraiser, and potluck

Week One – October 15th-20th

Monday Workout

12-1:30 pm

Fitness Scavenger Hunt. Be prepared to run or walk the “Town Loop” starting and ending at Bishop’s Beach. You will be ‘hunting’ for your next workout activities along the route. Meet at the Bishop’s Beach pavilion. Bring sturdy running/walking shoes and phone or camera– yes, there will be photo evidence! Join afterwards for tea and cookies to welcome newcomers and talk about the KWN season plans.


Wednesday Workout


Where: Karen Hornaday Park

What: Pole Bounding and Strength Training

Bring: Classic Ski Poles, Water Bottle and Light Gloves


Friday Workout:


Meet lower lot high school

Slow jog or hike to

Stream Hill park.

Plyo/ strength exercises.

Followed by ski stride repeats up stream with some pyos Incorporated.

Easy slow recovery back down in between sets.

Goal; improving strength & balance and finding your stride.


Saturday Workout:


Meet at Roger’s Loop, Lower Baycrest Trail

We will run, hike, bound to Dimond Ridge and back or to homestead loop bench and back.


Save the Date:

October 25th – Grace Ridge Brewery Season Kick-off Gathering


Come out and celebrate the start of our season. There will be food to share and both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages available to drink.

2016/2017 Season Starting October 17th

Homer Women’s Nordic Training to start on October 17th. An email will be sent out every Sunday with the week’s schedule. Practices will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday (noon to 1:30) and Saturdays 10 am till noon. Saturday practice times will change as we lose light and gain snow.

There will also be a pre-season “Think Snow” informational gathering upstairs at Alice’s on October 11th at 7 pm. Wear your favorite ski hat and find out what’s on the docket for HWN this winter!!

Look forward to seeing all your smiles soon.

2015/2016 End of Season Party

HWN PinkSpring is here, time to celebrate the changing of seasons and the with it the close of another HWN season. We hope you can join us for this years end of season Pink Potluck Party. We encourage you to come wearing pink, or incorporate Pink any way you think of, be as creative as you have time for.

When/What: April 30th, Noon potluck. Come early, 10:45 am meet up, for a pre-party hike.

Where: Jasmine’s house. Park at Bear Creek Winery’s Bottling Works (BW) on Bear Creek Drive and follow signs to our house a short distance through a birch stand. To get to the BW take the first Bear Creek Drive from town, the BW will be on your right as you come down the hill on Bear Creek Drive Loop. The BW is signed, there are two large green metal sided buildings. Please park to the back of the parking lot and consider carpooling (some parking available at the house if you are staying off your feet for any reason, call Jasmine at 299-6975 for directions).

Looking forward to wrapping up a season full of good snow, good skiing, good company and kicking off into spring running, biking, hiking and other summer adventures.

See you all in April.


2016 Tour of Anchorage

Get ready, the Anchorage Tour Festival is ON! And, it will be like none before. Come join us for a weekend of skiing, ski obstacles, and/or biking(!). Otherwise, just join us for a weekend of female friends and fun!


Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Register for 1, 2, or go for all 3 events! Click here for details.


  1. Indicate whether your housing needs. HWN will provide housing at no cost for the weekend (2 nights; Fri & Sat March 4-5). We have rented a 10 BR house (1614 Katrina Cir Anchorage, AK). To view house rental information click here. Significant others and children welcome.


Please sign-up for housing by March 1. Click here to sign up.


Side note: the Iditarod ceremonial start is in Anchorage Sat March 5 at 10 am. This is another great winter endurance sport that is a pleasure to witness!


  1. Join us for a pre-race potluck on Sat March 5 at 6 pm. All are welcome! Sign up for potluck items in the above survey or by clicking here. The potluck will be held at the rental house (1614 Katrina Cir Anchorage, AK). All other meals will be on your own.


  1. Optional (but recommended) Drop your skis off the week of March 1 at Ulmer’s or Saw & Cycle for base wax. Call them ahead of time to request this service.


  1. Race wax your skis on Sat March 5 from 1- 5pm at 1439 P St Anchorage, AK 99501. Waxing is in the garage around back. HWN will provide all race wax and equipment.


For questions please contact Stacey Buckelew (staceybuckelew@gmail.com 907-717-4583). Stacey is without email/phone contact through Feb 28. In her absence, please contact Annie or Jasmine.

Caribou Lake Overnight February 20th

Hi, are you ready to get out of town?  Caribou Lake Cabin overnight! 

The cabin overnight will be the night of Saturday, Feb 20th. I’d say we could meet at the parking lot by 3 pm on Saturday, and be back to the vehicles by about 1 pm Sunday.
We will be meeting at the snow machine parking lot way out East Road (contact me, Catie, via email below for more detailed directions if needed) and skiing the main snowmachine trail out toward Caribou Lake.

Recent trail reports are very good!
The one way distance is roughly 10 kilometers, some will be on wide groomed snowmachine trail, some on narrower snowmachine trails and we may be making our own trail right at the end to the cabin.
If it is a nice day we might drop our sleds and packs and make an extra loop around the lake before continuing in to the cabin.
the cabin sleeps 14 snugly,  has a wood stove and we will be cooking on a counter top coleman stove. There will be firewood there for us to use.
I suggest once we have a list of who is coming we combine on dinner that night and breakfast the next morning, with everybody bringing their own snacks, hot drinks and libations.
Sleeping bags, sleeping pads, a change of clothes, headlight, waterbottle, after-ski booties and a big fluffy warm coat for sitting around all seem like good things to bring.
A small plastic sled might be good to pull behind if you don’t want to wear a pack, or maybe you need both?
There is the option of hiring a kid to snowmachine in all our heavy stuff.
I’m looking forward to it!
Catie Bursch
To sign up for the trip or if you have questions email Catie at

Holly Brooks Training Camp!

IMG_103043036860945Holly Brooks is coming to town this weekend!  A two-time Olympian who achieved her goals in a very non-traditional way, she declined a nomination to the US Ski Team last winter and instead raced the FIS Marathon Cup series and finished third in the world (while pursuing a graduate degree)!

This post will be updated with any schedule/venue changes for the camp, so please check it each morning.  We are super excited for Holly to be in town; not only is she a world class athlete but she is an incredible coach and teacher.

Cost:  Men, women and junior skiers (seventh grade and older) are welcome to attend.  Members of HWN and KNRD do not need to pay; all others are required to be members of KNSC (join online here) and will need to pay $25 for the camp.  Please bring cash or a check written to Holly Brooks.




Friday, October 9:  5-7 p.m. All athletes, juniors  and masters.  Meet in the maintenance building at the Lookout Mountain ski area on Ohlson Mountain road.  Please bring outdoor workout clothes, a dry change of clothes, running shoes and classic-length ski poles.  We will start with a meet-and-greet, followed by some technique instruction, a repeat-style distance workout and some core exercises.  Afterwards we will reconvene in the Lookout building for pizza, hot drinks and a short presentation by Holly.


Satuday, October 10:

Men, Women and Juniors:  9-12.  Meet at the Lookout Mountain Ski Trails.  Bring running shoes, classic length ski poles, and LUNCH.  Holly will be running us through some technique drills and a ski walking and bounding interval session.  At eleven thirty we will meet in the maintenance building for a slideshow presentation and question and answer session with Holly.

Men, Women and Juniors: 1-4:  Meet at Paul Banks parking lot for a skate rollerskiing session.  Holly will be working on balance, skate techniques, transition work and no-poles skating.   We will be moving to Streamhill Park for uphill work and vehicles will provide rides downhill.  HELMET required, and please bring your running shoes, as well as skate length ski poles.


Sunday: October 11:

Men, Women and Juniors:  9-12 **Please note the location CHANGE!** Also BRING A YOGA MAT or a CAMP MAT, and multiple ones if you have them!  Meet at LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN CHALET for ski specific strength, mobility, and working with bungees.  Bring CLASSIC POLES, dry clothes, water bottle and LUNCH.

Men, Women and Juniors:  1-4 Meet at the Fishing Hole on the Spit. CLASSIC rollerskiing.  Bring rollerskis (skate OR classic), helmet, classic poles, and running shoes.  The afternoon will start with bounding work in our running shoes, followed by plyos and move into double pole work on our rollerskis.


Lars, Jan and Fischer at the Friends and Family Relay.  One of us would race and the other two would race around watching Fischer.
Lars, Jan and Fischer at the Friends and Family Relay. One of us would race and the other two would race around watching Fischer.

All over facebook right now there are pictures of my brother-in-law skiing down mountains, climbing up them, and running through dandelion lawns.  Underneath them it says #larswouldgo

I never spent any time with Lars when he wasn’t coming in from an adventure, having one, or eating to prepare for the next one.  He was always going, and would go on whatever trip was suggested.  He came out for a high-pressure week of fishing on my boat when we needed an extra hand.  He hiked through the dark 8 miles up a mountain valley and found our moose camp in the middle of the night to our very great surprise. He skied the Homer Epic 100km the year before last, getting faster and faster the whole time.  He came to my parents house to shoot guns off the porch.  Wherever and whatever it was, Lars would go.

On Wednesday morning, for the first time, Lars didn’t go.  I woke up with an urge to talk to him.  I couldn’t picture sitting in a room to talk, so I invited him for a ski.



On Wednesday night, I got a chance to talk with Lars. I stood by his bed in the ICU watching the ventilator raise his chest up and down in a steady rhythm.  There were tubes everywhere and a green heartrate on a black screen and a bereavement counselor who was wise enough to stand there quietly with a box of Kleenex and not say anything.  There were two of his closest friends in the room.  Oh yes, I had seen that guy when I was at Lars’ house trying to stand on a balance board and I shot off it and fell on the floor.  And oh yes, I had met the other guy at a Citizen Cope concert that Lars invited us to… he had been peeing in a garbage can while Lars tried to cover for him. The neurologist whisked the immediate family into the conference room.  It was my chance to talk with him.

“I missed my flight home tonight, Lars, because I was skiing at Hilltop and I asked my brother for a ride to the airport.  He asked me where to meet.  I told him to drive to the end of the parking lot past the chairlift.  He said he drove for a long time until he noticed that he was definitely somewhere strange.  It hadn’t been plowed and it was a little squirrely driving.  Then he saw a skier.  Yep, my brother drove his Chevy down the gasline tonight Lars.  He drove like a kilometer down the ski trail in his truck.  I’m going to admit that right now.”  The other men in the room laughed through choking tears and I desperately glanced at the monitor.  I willed indignation to wake him from his strange stillness, but even in-law ski crimes could not stir a response.

The conference room door opened and the look on Jan’s face stole all hope.  No one told any more stories from third grade.

At three in the morning, I could bear it no longer.  I made it to Lars’ house in the crisp glow of streetlamps and found his keys on the counter.  We needed his truck to pick up all the relatives who were flying into Anchorage in the morning.  As the defroster started to thaw out the windshield I took a tearful and tentative glance around the truck.  In the middle of the passenger seat was the receipt from  his doctor’s appointment that morning.  The doctor would call on Friday afternoon to tell Lars that he had Leukemia.  On Friday morning Lars’ family would be holding vigil around him as his heart slowly came to a stop.

I flew home at ten in the morning.  Watching my mother-in-law’s son dying made me want one thing only – to go home and hold my own little boy as tight as I possibly could and tell him ten thousand times how much I loved him.  To hold his little hands and rub his little feet and run my hands through his hair.  As we took off from the runway and rose above the cold, thick fog that blanketed Anchorage, I knew she was descending through it, about to land and climb in her son’s truck to drive to the hospital to cling to his big hands and rub his bare feet and run her fingers through his hair.

As we climbed up out of those clouds, the most magnificent sight was waiting.  The sky was perfectly blue and Denali glistened in a pink glow.  Sun beams streamed orange into the cabin.  It was a sudden surprise and I felt my chest relax.  It was so easy to see up here that Lars’ spirit was not trapped in a room full of beeping machines and a little tube that would occasional gurgle and suck blood out of somewhere deep inside him; he was up here, on top of that mountain, face turned towards this mystical sunrise and smiling.  He was just waiting for us to finish crying and look up and enjoy the view with him.

The first day Fischer ever went for a ski, riding in chariot, Lars pulled him around the fresh powder on the Lookout Mountain trails.
The first day Fischer ever went for a ski, riding in chariot, Lars pulled him around the fresh powder on the Lookout Mountain trails.