October 6 – October 12

This week I am chasing caribou on the Ressurection Trail and flying to Cordova for fisheries meetings.  Six ladies have signed up to coach in my absences this fall.  Please thank them for their time and remember that all the coaching is volunteer in HWN!  If you want to read more about them, check out the COACHES tab on this website.

Also thank you to everyone who ran and volunteered at the Run to the Altar!  Check out the facebook site for results and photos!

Monday:  12 -2 with Coach Maddie.  Base of the Spit.  Run/walk/rollerski.  Please wear helmets and gloves for rollerskiing.  Start with leg swings… 40 seconds each side, six times total.  Next will be skate hops, with arms moving in a V2 motion.  Work on proper timing and technique for one minute at a time, with a short break in between to concentrate on watching it done with proper arm timing.  Three minutes total.  Workout for the day will be a level 2 run/walk/rollerski for 1:10 minutes (out for 35 minutes, back for 35 minutes).  Insert a TEN STRIDE SPEED every ten minutes.  Remember to do these!  They are important to remind our bodies that we have more than one gear and it will wake you up if you start nodding off.  Stretch at the end!  Dogs on leashes welcome.

Tuesday:  10:30-11:30 YOGA with Hillery.  Many Rivers building.

12- 1 with Coach Alison at Karen Hornaday Park.   As long as there is no ice, we will be “hoofing the hogsback” which is a trail up behind the hospital.  Babies would need to be in a pack, and if the moms are uncomfortable with the climb, they could hike the hill directly behind Karen Hornaday.  It might be nice to have a walking stick or walking pole.  We will go up into the subdivision and then be back down in the parking lot at 1 p.m.  Dogs on leashes welcome.


Wednesday:  12-2 with Coach Annie.  Meet where Stellars Jay Drive “Y’s” into Golden Plover and Ptarmigan Heights. Go left and park on the side of the new subdivision road.  Click here for a map.  Warm up with a 20 minute hike up to the top of Ptarmigan Heights (for the view and to remember running repeats in the snow here last year) and then begin workout.  Workout will be a pyramid hill repeat workout up the new subdivision roads on Golden Plover.  Running or walking.  2 minutes up, back to start, four minutes up, back to start, five minutes up, back to start, six minutes up (you  may get far enough to go onto the trail on this one), five minutes, back down, four minutes, back down, two minutes.  PACE YOURSELVES!!  Cool down with an easy hike or jog.  Bring snacks and water.  Dogs on leashes welcome.

Thursday:  12-1 with Coach Stacey.  Meet at Islands and Oceans on the side of the parking lot that has a flagpole.  Today will be a hike on the loop that goes from Islands and Oceans to Ocean Shores Motel and down to the beach then back on the beach to Bishops beach and back up to Islands and Oceans.  The tide will be coming up so you may have to walk the beach section first.  Dogs on leashes welcome.

Friday: 12-2 with Coach Heather.  Meet at Ulmers Parking Lot.    Haven House Scavenger Hunt.  Bring a big empty backpack.  Run, walk or bike.  Heather will have copies of items that Haven House specifically needs (they have a list up on their entry way table) and you will grab a partner and go searching.  The goal is to get some of every item on the list.  Meet back at Haven House at 1:50 pm and see what people have found for donations.  Wearing team attire like your HWN jacket may help your cause today.

Saturday:  Off  (also a good day to do ATR Bootcamp or a regular strength routine)

IMG_1095 - CopySunday:  2-4 with Coach Catie. Old Sterling BIKE RIDE.  Meet at the south end of the Old sterling Highway where it meets the New Sterling highway. We will bike to the mouth of the Anchor river and back. I will give you landmarks for turnaround spots when we get there.  For all bike rides; A good helmet adjusted right, a light headband to wear under helmet and gloves, a light wind breaker for long downhills are all pretty nice to have on fall days.   WEAR BRIGHT CLOTHES and try to ride SINGLE FILE.  Catie is “Captain Adventure” so enjoy!!


September 29 – October 5, 2014

This week is an easy week to start off with, ending with a bang and a half-marathon!   Please have registration completed online before practice.

roller-skiMonday:  12-2 pm. Base of Spit.  Run/walk/rollerski.  We will start off with balance exercises and leg swings, followed by a one-hour, level 2 activity of your choice.  Every ten minutes we will do a speed where you increase your speed up to level 4 for ten strides.  Dogs ON LEASHES welcome.  Stretching at the end.
Tuesday*:  12-1 pm.  Karen Hornaday Park.  Leg swings followed by hiking hill repeats up the hill behind the park.  Chariots work for this trail but it is steep and you will get a really good workout pushing the chariot up.  Dogs ON LEASHES welcome.

*Starting Tuesday, October 7th Yoga with Hillery will be offered from 10:30-11:30 am at Many Rivers.
Wednesday:  **Turn in your training logs!!** 12-2 pm. Paul Banks Elementary School  We will be warming up to the base of Stream Hill Park and then doing technique work on proper ski walking.  We will do repeats of the trail that goes up besides Stream Hill, focusing on technique rather than speed.  Dogs ON LEASHES welcome.  If you are pushing a chariot, you can do the repeats up the paved road in the subdivision
Thursday:  12-1 pm.  Park at base of Reber trail single file along road (not at Karen Hornaday) for hill walking interspersed with no-impact plyometrics.  Dogs ON LEASHES welcome.

RTA-trail-markingFriday:  12-2 pm. Meet on Highland drive opposite of Polly’s driveway, which is 1766 Highland Drive.  We will be walking about three miles marking the trail for Run to the Altar.  Bring hiking boots or running shoes, some people prefer extra tuffs.  I will have all signage and bright tape.  We will get rides back down from the top. Not great for chariots… but fine for baby backpacks.  Dogs ON LEASHES welcome!

Saturday:  8 am. Registration at Homer High School For the Run to the Altar
9 am. Walk or Relaxed Running start
10 am. Running Start Run to the Altar Half-Marathon!  Bring your wedding photo and a dish to share at the end.  There is a shuttle to run bags up to the finish.  See the Run to the Altar Facebook page for more information.
Sunday: Day off!